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122nd Street Elementary School

Los Angeles Unified School District

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    Student and citizen of the month

    Uniforms are Encouraged


    At 122nd Street Elementary, we feel that it is important that our students show good taste in their appearance and are neat and clean at all times.  Please be aware that it is only in the best interest of the children that we establish a uniform standard.  Children will be less likely to focus negatively or unnecessarily on the attire of their fellow classmates allowing for more time on instructional activities. 


    breakfast in the classroom

    LAUSD’s Breakfast in the Classroom program will continue this year.  Every ETK-5 student will receive a breakfast, served in the classroom, beginning at 8:01.  Please make sure that your child arrives to school on time, so that he/she can receive a breakfast.



    122nd Street School Office Hours
    Monday - Friday
    7:30am to 4pm

    (323) 757-8117

    2022-2023 School Year Enrollment

    Monday - Friday
    7:30am - 4:00pm

    Pick up an enrollment packet at the school
    click the button below to complete the packet online at


    Click to Enroll/Haga clic para inscribirse en línea


    What Makes 122nd Street School Special?
    Attendance Matters

    Parents, we want your student to come to school everyday.  Attendance matters because attendance affects achievement.  The LAUSD goal is for all students to attend school 96% of the time or better, having no more than 5-7 absences per school year.  Please ensure that your child attends every day, on time and for the full length of the school day.  Please be aware that school begins at 8:01am.  Students who are not in their line by this time are tardy.  Each tardy is marked in the district computer system by your child’s teacher and becomes part of their permanent school record.  Please schedule any appointments after school as early leaves also effect students’ attendance. 

    You can easily keep an accurate accounting of your student's attendance by using the attendance tracker which was sent home during the 1st week of school.  Please post the tracker where you can see it and use it everyday.  Please let us know if you need a copy of the tracker.  You can also view your child's attedance on the Parent Portal.


    Keep Our Students Safe

    We have  implemented the morning valet program as a safe and quick way to drop your child(ren) off at school in the morning.  PLEASE approach the school, traveling west on 122nd Street from Avalon, so that you can use the valet program.  Traveling east on 122nd from San Pedro, and making U-turns in front of the school after dropping off your child(ren) or dropping off your children to cross the street, are VERY DANGEROUS practices that put students and adults at jeopardy. 

    A trip to Sofi Stadium

    Fourth graders visit the Kinsey African American Art and History Collection at SoFi Stadium which features over 100,000 square feet of masterful works of art, sculptures, photographs, rare books, and letters that showcase the untold stories of Black Excellence throughout U.S. history.

    Attendance Matters
    Student/Citizen of the Month
    Students who come to school daily are more likely to have higher self esteem and enhanced confidence in their abilities.
    please use the valet service